Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Now that's a good wrap...."

I remember when my Dad got a call from Oscar De La Hoya's camp to come out to California to work with Oscar for his upcoming bout with Arturo Gatti.

He looked forward to going out there and working with them, but he never let on to his feelings about it, as they constantly changed personnel.

He told me they picked him up from the airport in a limousine, and drove him to the training facility in Big Bear.  Top notch, all the way.

After meeting with the crew, he sat with Oscar, talked for awhile, and got on the subject of hand wraps, as Oscar had sustained a hand injury at some time and was particular as to how his hands were done.

Well, Dad wrapped his hands, and Oscar, banging one fist into the palm of the other said "Now thats a good wrap". Soon after, De La Hoya went on to stop Gatti in 4 rounds.

Did Dad wrap his hands? I dont know. But the look in his eyes when he told me that story, well, said it all.

Al Gavin Jr.

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