Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Platitutes For The Cutman

Inspiring Loyalty - from Tom Mahoney...

In 1968 I boxed for Al at the PAL's Wynn Center in Brooklyn's Bed Stuy section. At the time Al had a disagreement with John Defoe, PALs head boxing coach.

This led to Al leaving the PAL for the Seafearers Gym in Sunset Park at the opposite end of Brooklyn. The funny thing was that every one of Al's fighters followed him across the boro. Bo Bo Ackerson a lightweight GG champ lived around the corner from Wynn Center.

He and perhaps a dozen others who lived within walking distance to Wynn Ctr, traveled across the boro (probably taking a couple of trains) just to stay with Al. After several months, Al again moved, this time to the Gramecy Gym & again ALL his fighters followed him. He inspired loyalty. He was my boxing coach, trainer, manager, mentor, even a big brother.

I was very lucky at 16 to have a trainer who would stay a life long friend. I miss him dearly. Tom Mahoney

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